Premiered at Drama of Works'
Carnival of Samhain

Conceived, Designed and Directed by
Tanya Khordoc & Barry Weil

A mystical winter's tale performed under blacklight, using materials that glow when exposed to light in the ultraviolet spectrum. Becoming introduces the audience to a mysterious female figure who enacts a visually stunning ritual of rebirth and resurrection. Becoming is fairly unique among blacklight pieces as it has been elegantly designed entirely in white (which glows a ghostly pale blue under blacklight), and incorporates additional puppeteered light sources that are not blacklight-reactive. Audience members have described Becoming as "beautiful," "awe-inspiring" and "magical".

RUNNING TIME: 5 minutes (if done without children's program).

(This show can also be performed as part of an approx. 25-minute children's program where we show how blacklight puppetry is done, perform Becoming under blacklight, then perform the piece again under normal lighting so the
audience can see how all our "tricks" work -- and as a finalé, we give the kids
an opportunity to create and perform their own blacklight puppets!)

AUDIENCE: All ages
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Photo by Richard Termine